Product Categories

Digital Torque Multipliers

Force ranges of

0 – 40,000 ft-lbs

ATP Digital Torque Multipliers™ are precision tools designed to meet the needs and demands of the most critical applications. All ATP Digital Torque Multipliers™ perform at +/-1% or better accuracy, increase operator safety, reduce physical strain and enable operators to perform tasks more rapidly.

Hand-Held Wrenches

Force ranges of

1 ft-lb – 150 ft-lbs

Our line of hand-held torque wrenches operate within +/-3% accuracy and provide the unique feature of a bi-directional head, which enables the wrench to operate in a single direction to avoid counterforce against the calibration. These wrenches have been tested over several million tightening cycles.

Torque Verification

Verify ranges of

1 – 750 ft-lbs

The ATP line of Torque Verification units operate within +/-1% accuracy and can support all types of torque wrenches ranging from 1 in-lb to 750 ft-lbs. Our line includes everything from individual units to comprehensive mobile carts to support your entire inventory.

Custom Tooling

Design, prototype

and production

With complete internal Design & Engineering capabilities ATP can develop tooling to meet the specific needs of your application. We are 100% committed to innovation and partnering with manufacturers of applications requiring high torque.


“Working with the team at Advanced Torque Products has been a great experience in developing the EC145/H145 Mast Nut Torque Tool. Installation is easy, operation is easy, and one of the best things is that the torque device is fixed to the fitting, which is far better than the hand held torque multiplier currently being used.”

Airbus – Technical Instructor –

   U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,434,389 and 8,991,284