Torque Cart

The ATP Torque Cart is designed for facilities requiring torque verification capabilities to support a wide array of hand-held torque wrenches ranging from 1 in-lb to 750 ft-lbs within +/-1% accuracy. This cart is a rugged and durable work station on fixed and swivel caster wheels for mobility and is weighted appropriately to handle the testing of all forces. The cart is fitted with a secure and grounded electrical station for proper Torque Checker usage and requires only 1 standard outlet. The central shelf of this is equipped with an overhead light and contains all of the adapters needed in fitted and labeled slots to test any wrenches up to 750 ft-lbs in your inventory. Custom adapters can be made as well. Also included are the required tools to remove the verification units from the cart and cases to ship the units for calibrations. These cases can be stored on the bottom shelf of the cart.

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