Multiplier Specifications

Torque Range (ft-lbs)0 - 2,500
Torque Range (in-lbs)0 - 30,000
Torque Range (N.m.)0 - 3,390
Max. Input Required (ft-lbs)33 ft-lbs
Output Accuracy+/- 1% (+/- 0.4% upgrade available)
System Stability+/- 0.05% per °C (+/- 0.03% per °F)
Units of Measurementft-lbs, in-lbs, n/m, others
Operating Temperature0°F to 140°F (-18°C to 60°C)
Operating HumidityUp to 90%, Non-condensing
Multiplier Ratio75 to 1
Weight (lbs)22 lbs
Weight (kg)10 kg
Product Summary

The ATP2500 is an advanced Digital Torque Multiplier™ designed for organizations with intermediate torque needs up to 2,500 ft-lbs. Their easy to use state-of-the-art design is accurate, efficient and has become the preferred tool of many companies.

The ATP2500 requires minimal physical exertion to achieve desired torque and works to prevent injuries and muscle stress often incurred by cumbersome and complex tools.



► Increased accuracy

► Lighter weight

► Reduced size

► Increased user safety

► Single operator

Wrench Packages

Included Items

Torque Multiplier

Digital Torque Multipliers are available in various capacities as high as 40,000 ft·lbs (480,000 in·lbs) with accuracy of up to ±0.4% full-scale torque. All Digital Torque Multipliers are designed to meet customer specifications and include customized drives and reaction tooling.

Electronics Package

The Digital Display is an intuitive interface to provide operators with accurate torque and angle readings as well as provide additional features such as alarms and data logging capabilities. Electronics package includes associated wrench cable and charger.

No FOD Ratchet

FOD (Foreign Object Damage) free 1/2″ drive black-oxide ratchet allows operator to safely apply torque in any environment.

Protective Case

Durable case custom fit to each Digital Torque Multiplier to ensures safe transport of calibrated product and accessories.

Operator Package

Comprehensive operation manual gets users up to speed quickly.


All Digital Torque Multipliers are calibrated and traceable to N.I.S.T. standards. Certificates are provided with every calibration include torque and angle as-found and as-left readings for both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.



Angular output capabilities are available to allow operators to monitor turn of nut procedures simultaneously with output torque. Our display allows for a resolution of 1 arcminute and stated accuracy of ±1 degree.

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High Accuracy

Advanced Torque Products offers an expanded HA line of Digital Torque Multipliers with accuracy of ± 0.40%. Clearly distinguished by their orange handles and label, these tools are designed for applications demanding the highest accuracy and repeatability.

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Detachable mounts secure to the housing of your wrench and firmly the display for hands-free viewing, leaving an operator free to focus on the task at hand.

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The next generation in our Digital Display includes a durable 8” touch screen display (MIL-STD-810G and IP68-cerified) with improved UI to provide an even more intuitive torquing experience. Procedure creation functionality and expanded data logging features will provide consistency and traceability while improving overall process efficiency.

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Speed Knob

Our speed knob is a valuable tool to allow operators to quickly apply low torque in applications with run on, saving time while still allowing a ½” passthrough for use with a standard input ratchet.

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Drill Adapter

The drill adapter fits over the existing anti-rotation cover and eliminates need for any manual input from the operator. Instead of requiring a ratchet, users can use a drill to quickly apply torque, increasing safety and process efficiency.

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Automated Motor Drive

The new motor drive system was developed to make accurate assembly even easier. It eliminates manual input from an operator by working in tandem with our Drill Adapter and providing input to our AeroTorque™ multipliers directly. The motor can be controlled with a pendant or by choosing to have it automate with our “Procedures” feature in our new controller.

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Tooling Design

Reaction Stands

Reaction stands allow for symmetric load distribution to counteract the torque applied without introduction of pinch points. Reaction stands are designed with stress concentration in mind, minimizing the possibility of inadvertent damage to nearby structures that may otherwise occur with traditional reaction bars.

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Drive Bars

Advanced Torque Products will design and produce custom drive bars to integrate any multiplier to your specific application. Available output profiles include but are not limited to:
• Square
• Hex
• Spline
• Castellated

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In addition to custom drive bars, Advanced Torque Products will design and produce accompanying sockets to allow a single multiplier to be used across numerous different applications.

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Along with the standard adapters readily available, ATP will also design and produce custom adapters to integrate with your multiplier and specific application.

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U.S. Patent Nos. 8,434,389 & 8,991,284

European Patent No. 2396147

Canadian Patent No. 2,752,088

Japanese Patent No. 5699338

U.S. Patent Nos. 8,434,389 and 8,991,284

European Patent No. 2396147

Canadian Patent No. 2,752,088

Japanese Patent No. 5699338