Digital Torque Multipliers Comparison Chart

ATP Digital Torque Multipliers lead the industry with +/- 0.4% and +/- 1% accuracy, and unparalleled end user safety and speed. We make fastening quicker, accurate, repeatable and more profitable. We offer stock and custom tooling, attachments and reaction stands for all our Digital Torque Multipliers to meet your application needs.


“It took me less than 5 minutes for me to install the torque multiplier and torque the main rotor hub nut on an Enstrom; it was so simple that I had to take a minute to verify that I had actually completed the procedure.”

Enstrom Helicopter Corp. – Director of Product Support –

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U.S. Patent Nos. 8,434,389 and 8,991,284


Canadian Patent No. 2,752,088


Japanese Patent No. 5699338