Employment Opportunities

Work life at ATP

First off, a little about what we do and who we are. Advanced Torque Products (ATP), offers high quality torque and measuring equipment dominantly in the aerospace sector. We design, manufacture and calibrate precision torque tools for a multitude of applications across numerous industries. We work closely with our customers to apply advanced technology to refine fastening processes and ultimately improve clamping accuracy and process efficiency.

Advanced Torque Products specializes in AeroTorque™ Digital Torque Multipliers, capable of outputting high output torque with industry leading accuracy, simplicity, and durability.

We offer a culture of respect, fun, innovation and the fostering of personal aspirations. As part of our group, you will be treated with respect. You will be asked to always question why we do things. You will be asked to actively participate in product and business development.

In return, ATP Leadership will always respect your ideas, your work and your aspirations. We pledge to be communicative with our decisions, transparent about company happenings and supportive of your personal lives.

As a member of the ATP family, we all pledge to be:
Proactive with our process and with catching issues
Helpful and friendly to the world outside of ATP
Collaborative in our efforts and projects
Committed to each other, our customers and our product

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