High Accuracy Digital Torque Multipliers

±0.4% Accuracy | ±1 Minute Angle Resolution

The ATP HA Series was developed to meet the mission critical requirements of the aerospace industry.

This series offers ±0.4% accuracy combined with ±1 minute angle resolution and can be tracked simultaneously through a digital readout.

The integrated digital controller provides operators clear and accurate readings with capabilities to
measure applied and breakaway force in a wide range of units, as well as measuring angle. The controller functions in a number of modes including Track, Peak and Angle. An alarm is integrated in the controller as well, to enable operators to define their target torque value and receive a warning as that value is achieved.


High Accuracy

► Track run-on & seating torque

► 100% Repeatability

► Digital user interface

Angle Measurement

► Track force and angle simultaneously


► Operators can just take it out of the box and know how to use it.

► No nested functions

► Intuitive


► Multiple programmed scales

► Multiple tracking modes

► Digital user interface

Integrated Digital Controller

► Units Measured: in-lbs, ft-lbs, N.m. and custom

► Track Mode: See applied and breakaway force tracked in real-time

► Peak Mode: See applied and breakaway force locked in at peak value

► Angle Mode: See angle measurements by degree, minute and applied force in real-time

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U.S. Patent Nos. 8,434,389 and 8,991,284


Canadian Patent No. 2,752,088


Japanese Patent No. 5699338