Hand-Held Torque Wrenches Comparison Chart

Our line of hand-held torque wrenches operate within +/-3% accuracy and provide the unique feature of a bi-directional head, which enables the wrench to operate in a single direction to avoid counterforce against the calibration. These wrenches have been tested over several million tightening cycles.

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ATP Hand-Held Wrenches were selected to meet the highest of standards, just as with our Digital Torque Multipliers™, we get the importance of accuracy and consistency for all torque applications. Durability is a primary goal for ATP with all the tools we offer both in terms of the lifetime of components and longevity of calibration accuracy. Our manufacturers cycle testing of wrenches at full torque was a key element of the development process and, in total, several million tightening cycles were accumulated. The result is a product that you can use with complete confidence that you have the best tool for the job.

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