Advanced Torque Products has proudly supported the United States Military for over 20 years, offering an extensive range of torque tools and accompanying adaptive tooling that aid Army, Navy and Air Force operations around the world. ATP designs, manufactures and calibrates high output torque wrenches tailored to suit virtually any application, from helicopter rotors to engine turbines. Our dedication to supporting our troops with safe, reliable and accurate products has earned us the honor of being awarded sole source on the Boeing CH-47 and Sikorsky’s new CH-53K.

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Digital Torque Multipliers

Force ranges of

0 - 40,000 ft-lbs

Hand-Held Wrenches

Force ranges of

10 in-lbs - 150 ft-lbs

Torque Verification

Verify ranges of

1 - 750 ft-lbs

Custom Tooling

Design, prototype

and production

U.S. Patent Nos. 8,434,389 and 8,991,284


Canadian Patent No. 2,752,088


Japanese Patent No. 5699338