Accuracy +/-3%
Operates Best Between 30-150 ft-lbs
Length 19.88”
Square Size 1/2”
Weight 2.64 lbs
Ratchet Diameter 1.81”
Engagements per Revolution 60


Bi-directional Torque

Ratchets also function in ‘push through’ mode to provide torque control in both the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions


+/-3% of reading exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches. Each wrench is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate

Micrometer Scale

Simple, error-free setting

Quick / Light Adjustment

Adjustment over the entire scale is quickly achieved with minimal effort, in approximately ten complete turns (exact number varies by model)

Versatile Ratchets

These rugged ratchets are reversible and offer narrow engagement angle of 6 degrees for easy positioning of the tool in the tight confines of today’s vehicles and machines

Comfortable, Durable Handle

Constructed using two materials; a base material for strength overlaid with a soft-feel grip for comfort and slip resistance

Chemical Resistant

Handle material and lens resist chemicals for common usage in the automotive, aviation and industrial environments

Adjustment Lock

All models feature a lock to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque

Additional information

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 × 2 × 2 in